I’m writing my personal statement for Surgery and I wrote this paragraph. I took it out because I’m already in medicine and should be focused on why surgery instead but I thought it’d be a good post here for future’s sake 🙂

Act I. During college, I wanted a career that was not only highly dynamic and intellectually challenging, but also allowed me to serve every population I came across. I harbored an innate desire to reach across cultural barriers and build trust with someone whilst working toward a common goal: their health. This most likely developed from my upbringing. As a child of immigrant parents, I understand the complexity of cross-cultural care and the barriers that often arise between patient and physician. I knew I could make a difference with my cultural and bilingual background. Medicine ended up being a field that satisfied my thirst for knowledge, my dedication to service, and my love for the intricacies of the human body.


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Skinny & often hungry. I love to laugh and believe that the best times of of your life are the ones you don't plan on happening.

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