“Internal medicine is intellectual masturbation”, one of my physician mentors told me today.

A crude but accurate terminology that lets me reflect on why Internal Medicine has been such a fascinating specialty to me. My inpatient internal medicine experience can be sold as the “core” of medicine easily. Patient gets really sick, they go to the hospital where if they get admitted, they see a team that closely manages their care, they get better (finger’s crossed), and then they leave. The doctors that help them in the hospital that they see the most? Internists. But when a person thinks of medicine at it’s root, is it the internist we think of? Or the family physicians that are reliable, dependable, and….there through thick and thin. Front line of defense. Right?

I struggle with where my passions lies and as I go through with third year, I am utterly swayed by every specialty I come across. I loved loved loved surgery. The operations! The technical skill! I loved loved loved internal medicine. The complexity! The management and detective work!

Now what?
Who am I?
What do I do?

As I continue learning medicine, I guess I’ll learn more about myself.


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Skinny & often hungry. I love to laugh and believe that the best times of of your life are the ones you don't plan on happening.

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